Your Venue Becomes Your Photos

Just a friendly reminder for those planning a wedding – the one unchangeable thing on your wedding day is your VENUE. Your venue matters!

When looking at venues make sure you love the vibe, colors, and aesthetic because they will become your photos. Your venue is the backdrop for everything else. So whether it’s an outdoor ceremony or a beautiful venue make sure you love it!

As a wedding photographer, I can make magic anywhere but your venue will greatly impact the aesthetic of your final gallery. The venue lighting becomes the lighting for your photos. The textures and wall colors become the backdrop of your photos. 

Photos above were taken at The Barn at Aspen Acrea, Spearfish SD.

When comparing venue prices take into consideration that you’ll be looking at the venue you choose for the rest of your life, in photo form. 

If you want a really clean fresh look, you definitely want a venue with white walls. Don’t forget about windows! Big windows make a big difference in your photos. When a photographer has to use flash it will give your photos a whole different feel than if you were to be standing by a window. 

Photos above were taken at The August House, Dickinson North Dakota.

If you want a warm cozy feel, the barn with older wood gives off that vibe. Some venues have a ton of different photo backdrop opportunities!

Photos above were taken at South 40 Events, Lincoln North Dakota.

Another very important thing to consider is the weather! If the weather decides not to cooperate that day, we as photographers can’t pull an indoor location out of thin air. 

If it’s a torrential downpour outside, the inside of your venue becomes your photos. If it’s -14 and snowing outside, the inside of your venue becomes your photos. (Unless you are a badass like Mr. & Mrs. King and bear the cold for photos!) 

Photos above were taken at the Huckleberry House, in Bismarck North Dakota.

If rain turns to hail, your venue becomes your wedding photos. Speaking from experience!

Walking into your venue can inspire so much creativity and completely set the tone for the day! So choose what feels like you, and don’t settle for less. 


Taylar Dawn

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