Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Senior Boys’ Portraits

One of the most frequent questions I get about senior photo sessions is what do I wear? Planning all the outfits and looks ahead of time will help eliminate stress, and create a more enjoyable experience for both you and your parents. These fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Senior Boys’ Portraits will help you plan your outfits for your upcoming senior picture session!

Quick Note: The majority of our senior photoshoots are done in natural lighting, outdoors in the South West North Dakota area. Always keep the weather and backdrop in mind when shopping for outfits! If you are shooting infant of green trees you may want to wear something that isn’t green. Catch my drift?

Check out my favorite fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Senior Boys’ Portraits outfits below!

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senior boy in a flannel shirt sitting near a fence post in a field

Casual Outfits for Guys

  • Jeans and t-shirt with an open buttoned flannel on top, a tennis shoes (Example – VANS)
  • A pair of black jeans with a solid-colored sweatshirt on top with a jean jacket. 
  • A black pair of pants with a denim button-up shirt with sleeves rolled up
  • Dark jeans with a solid color tee on top
  • Jeans with a long sleeve top and a vest
  • Jeans and White Tee

Formal Outfits for Guys

Personality Outfits for Guys

  • A sports outfit like a basketball or football uniform, complete with a ball and athletic shoes.
  • Add a Twist to your sports outfit and wear a jersey with jeans
  • Rock your letterman jacket with a white tee and washed-out jeans
  • Add your musical instruments or hobby-related items like a trumpet, or drumsticks!
  • Into outdoor sports? Grab your bow and dress in Camouflage.
  • Every girl’s crazy bout a sharp-dressed man! Perhaps you want to pick a trendier look for your final outfit to really show your style of the time. Dark jeans and a Sports coat with a watch and aviator sunglasses kind of vibes.

What Not to Wear for Guys

  • Don’t wear anything uncomfortable or way out of your comfort zone. It will come through in your photos if you are uncomfortable.
  • Stay away from tank tops.
  • Don’t wear overly branded clothing or outrageous graphic tees (unless it’s part of your everyday style).
  • Don’t forget about your shoes! Your shoes & socks show in most photos so don’t forget to match a pair of shoes to your outfit! I suggest no-show socks if possible!

Check out some of my favorite outfits from my past senior sessions below!

Still, need help? Check out my senior guys What to wear amazon style guide here!

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