Benefits of doing a first look on your wedding day!

Wedding days are emotionally charged and can be overwhelming for some. Having a private moment with your partner or a loved one before the ceremony can help alleviate some of that stress and anxiety. As a wedding photographer in North Dakota, I am a big fan of doing a first look! Check out my reasons below!

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What is a first look?

A “first look” is a modern wedding photography trend that involves the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the couple sees each other for the first time when the bride walks down the aisle. However, in a first look, the couple arranges to meet each other privately, away from the guests, before the ceremony.

First looks create more time for other photo opportunities!

Doing a first look with your partner can allow for more time for other photos before the ceremony. By doing a first look you are able to get family photos and bridal party photos done before the ceremony begins! A first look can be especially helpful if you have a tight schedule or if you’re getting married during a time of day with limited daylight.

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First looks relieve stress and anxiety before your ceremony!

Seeing each other before the ceremony can help relieve stress and anxiety. The first look can be an intimate moment between the couple, which can help calm nerves and create a sense of peace. Helping the ceremony and rest of the day run smoothly and allowing you to live in the moment and soak in each second! It’s the perfect time to share private vows or love letters!

A special moment to capture the real and raw emotions

The first look is a chance to capture raw emotions and reactions. It’s an opportunity for you and your partner to share an intimate moment just the two of you before seeing each other for the first time in front of all your guests. During this intimate moment, your photographer will capture your emotions as you see each other for the first time, creating some of the most beautiful and candid photographs of the day. Many couples find that a first look allows them to have a more relaxed and emotional experience during their ceremony, as they have already shared a private moment together.

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Added Bonus! You get to enjoy more of your cocktail hour!

Doing a first look allows the newlyweds to enjoy more of the cocktail hour. Instead of taking all the photos after the ceremony, a first look frees up your afternoon to enjoy time with your bridal party and guests. It’s especially helpful if you plan to have a party bus for a couple hours!

While the traditional approach of waiting to see each other until the ceremony has its own charm, doing a first look can offer some unique benefits. It can allow for more time for photos, relieve stress and anxiety, capture raw emotions, be more intimate, and allow the couple to enjoy more of the cocktail hour. Ultimately, the decision to do a first look is a personal one, but it’s definitely worth considering!

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