Must have wedding detail shot list & tips!

Capturing detail photos is a cherished aspect of being a wedding photographer! You might underestimate their significance, assuming they’re not crucial or relevant. However, I’m here to alter that perception and assist in securing the finest detail shots possible! These images hold genuine importance in your wedding story.

As a photographer, I perceive detail photos as an opportunity to spotlight the things you worked so hard on to pick out for your special day. Each flat lay holds its unique essence because no two weddings are alike. Your wedding day vision shines through in these intricate details. From the colors of your flowers to the sentiment of your accessories, each item holds significance, and that’s why I’m excited to share all my tips on capturing these beautiful photos to look back on and remember the little things that made your wedding day so special! Check out the wedding day detail flat lays & checklist below!

#1 Gather your items ahead of time

The best way to ensure your detail photos turn out and are as stress-free as possible is to have all of your special items gathered in one spot before your big day. I always tell my brides to put their detail items in their shoe box or next to it, because you won’t be forgetting your shoes! Then delegate the task of getting the box to your photographer to your maid of honor or personal attendant. Delegate the task of getting the box to your photographer to your maid of honor or personal attendant. By doing so, it’s one last thing on your mind the day of your wedding and you can just relax.

If you put everything together in a box prior then you can rest easy and know that all the important things will be included in your detail photos and nothing will be forgotten. If you don’t gather them prior to the wedding day you might miss certain important items that you wanted to be included in your detail shots like Grandma’s vintage hairpiece or Mom’s special necklace. It also just takes away from your getting ready time if you have to worry about the detail photos and what to grab for your photographer. Just trust me on this, it is SO much easier to prepare it all ahead of time so do future you a big favor!

#2 Include some of the Grooms Items

Detail photos are often focused around the bride’s items, but let’s not forget your husband-to-be! Some of his items that might be fun to include could be a pocket square, his boutonniere or even his socks if they are special. You’ll want to grab any items he might be carrying with him on your special day as well, like family heirlooms or the watch he only breaks out for special occasions. Don’t forget to pack his cologne, shoes, tie, belt or suspenders, and cuff links for the photo as well. I love when I can capture some of the little things that are apart of the groom’s attire that makes it all come together.

#3 Don’t forget a nice hanger!

This tip is for the dress detail photos and the bridesmaid dress photos! One of my biggest and most stressed tips is to have some extra wooden hangers for the dresses. Nothing is more upsetting than a picture of the most beautiful wedding dress on a tacky plastic hanger. It is also so nice to have wooden hangers for all your bridesmaid dresses too. Be sure to ask your venue about their hangers, sometimes they provide them. If you want the best dress photos bring along the wooden hangers — SO classy! Amazon and Etsy have some great options! Also makes a fun memory to keep in your closet!

#4 Allocate Time

My last tip before giving you the ultimate checklist for your detail photos is to allow time for them! Make it a part of your timeline. I always include it in the timeline when I’m making them with my brides. I keep it separate from the getting ready photos because I think it’s important to dedicate time to your details. That way they will for sure get done and they won’t be rushed. I love spending at least 20 minutes taking detail shots and trying out different flat-lay ideas. I recommend talking to your photographer about it so you can be on the same page about details!

Grab my wedding detail shot list here!

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