Tips for bringing your pet to your photo session!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

I get asked all the time if they can include their dog or pet in their photo session. Have we met? Have you seen my personal Instagram? I’m fairly dog crazy around here! My seniors and families love including their dogs in sessions! I always welcome your dog (or any pet!) to your session as long as they are friendly and current on vaccinations. Bringing them to your session doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some tips on how to make including your dog super easy and fun!

  • Plan ahead and have a non-participating “dog wrangler” attend your session with you. This can be a grandparent, parent, or friend you trust and knows your dog well. Many families opt to include their dog in only a portion of their session, so it’s great if your wrangler can take them home for you. 
  • Bring plenty of favorite treats they love and a toy that makes noise! I often use treats to lure your dog for portraits to look my way or perk their ears. A noise toy will hold their attention better than my voice commands. Also, don’t forget bags to clean up after your pet!
  • Your dog doesn’t have to be expertly trained! Most family dogs are a bit distracted if they are in a new place. Just like with children, don’t get frustrated if your dog doesn’t fully cooperate. We will get great portraits, I promise!
  • Neutral colored collars and leashes are less noticeable in portraits. I’m generally not able to edit leashes out of finished images, so make sure they are “dressed” to coordinate. 
  • Let your pet get some energy out prior to attending the session. Whether its a quick walk around the black or a game of fetch, releasing a bit energy before pictures can be super helpful!

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