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Get the Perfect Shots on your wedding day!

Your wedding day deserves to be remembered in the most beautiful way possible. It’s so important that you vibe with your wedding photographer! They are with you 24/7 on your wedding day, during some of the most intimate and romantic parts of your day! As a professional, they have the expertise and creativity to capture the magic of your special day. But working with your wedding photographer to get the perfect photos can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure how to communicate your vision or you don’t feel comfortable around them.

7 tips on how to work with your wedding photographer to get the perfect photos on your wedding day!

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1. Meet with your photographer before the wedding day.

Schedule a meeting with your wedding photographer before the big day to discuss your vision, preferences, and expectations. This will help your photographer understand what you want and how to capture it.

2. Work with your photographer to build your schedule and timeline for the day.

Discuss what shots are most important to you throughout the day, what you want captured and your photographer can do their best to incorporate them into your timeline.

3. Discuss your venue & its possible different lighting situations.

Discuss different lighting situations with your photographer and make sure they have the appropriate equipment and skills to handle them. Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or nighttime, your photographer should be able to capture your special day in any situation.

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4. Take engagement photos: An engagement photo shoot is a great way to get to know and get comfortable with your photographer.

You will learn how they work, their photo taking process and get rid of any jitters before the big day! It’s also an opportunity for your photographer to get to know you and understand your preferences.

5. Be yourselves!

The best way to get the perfect candid photos is to be yourself and forget the camera is even there. My general rule of them is never look at the camera, unless your photographer asks you two. Soak in your partner and love on them, let your personalities shine through, and don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Authenticity is key, and your photographer will be able to capture the real you in your photos.

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6. Be open to your photographer’s suggestions.

Your photographer has experience and creativity that you can benefit from. Be open to their suggestions and trust their vision. Especially when it comes to the timeline and prime time lighting with the sun! They may have some ideas that you haven’t thought of that could lead to the perfect shot.

7. Be patient & soak in the moment.

The perfect photo takes time, and your photographer may need to take multiple shots and different angles to get it right. Be patient and trust the process. Bask in the presence of your partner and make a memory of it. While your photographer works hard to capture the magic of your special day.

Finally, the most important tip is to enjoy the moment. Don’t worry too much about getting the perfect photos. Focus on enjoying your special day, and the perfect photos will come naturally.

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